Node-Red Central Scene

Is it possible to use node-red with central scenes? I have just started with node-red and have moved some of my automation’s over successfully however i have a couple that are triggered by the double and triple tap of a homeseer zwave switch and I can seem to get that to work. I add an event state setting the entity id to the zwave. and use the debug node to see what the payload is however the payload only comes across as “ready”.

Thanks for the help in advance

Have you tried setting the debug node to show the complete msg object and not just msg.payload?

I do this for all of my ge zwave plus dimmers for their double tap. I have it set up so double tap is nightlight and only turns them on to the lowest brightness. Because I’m trying to monitor all switch state changes in node red it was more of a challenge. I start with an all states node and filter for the double tap on payload. Subsequent nodes take it from there. If you’re only monitoring one switch you could just monitor it for state change and check the full payload in debug like @Skeletorjus suggested.

Thanks for the reply. I do have the debug node set to Complete msg object. Here is what i get with a double tap up.


Here are my event states and debug node settings. The only thing that changes between single, double, and triple taps on or off are the msgid’s. The payload in them are all “ready”.



I also just setup an events: all node and tried the debug and this is what i get when i double tap on.


You need to expand the object. Press the little right facing carrot. Do it on the individual node not the all events node.

I did not see that you could do that however I still do not see a scene ID and scene data value. I know what the values should be but im guessing they wont work since they are not coming through as the payload?

Here is everything for double tap expanded.

I just figured it out. you cant pull off of the events state for the particular zwave device. the scene_activated event type and ID and data come through on the events all node. @johnnyletrois you said thats how you did it but in further conversation i thought it would come across on both.

I figured out how to filter out the scene_activated events. Do i use a function node to filter out the Entity, Scene ID and Data? If so how do i do that? I believe it should be in JSON?

I could have sworn though that I tried the all events state last night and got the same result. Oh well. I got it now.

Thanks for the help.