Node-Red config help, please

I am feeling like a total NewB today.

I have been running Home Assistant with Node-Red for almost a year. My goal is to install a second Home Assistant and add-ons on a new Rpi 3B+. I have Home Assistant, Samba and SSL working, but I can’t get Node-Red to start. (Yes, the hostname of both is different)

According to the docs, all I need to change in the config is to provide a credentials_secret password, and set ssl to false. (This would be identical to my current Home-Assistant/Node-Red config except my working system also allows an option to specify users.) When I save and start, there are no errors in the log, but the web UI just won’t connect. (Browser says “Connection Refused”)

Any advice would be appreciated.

Whoops- In the newB mode today.


It’s working now. Apparently I needed to give the Pi a few minutes to fully start. Secondary to that, since the config would not let me add a Users: [] option, I recalled that the user credentials are now the same as the Home Assistant account.

But I am not done, yet. I still need to get a few NPM nodes installed. But that’s a different subject for later…