Node-Red connection stopped working over night

Hi all,

today, when I got up it was freezing cold and dark. Not because it is winter and snowing outside (it is) but because Home Assistant Node-Red over night. So the blinds kept being shut and the radiators stayed on their night mode.

Going to Node-Red, I notice all the nodes are in a “connecting” state. I have Node-Red installed as a HA plugin and I did not change anything. Any idea what I could check?

I tried to update Home Assistant but that made it worse as now the homematic_ip(local) integration stopped working, too…(will update that now, too)

Right after writing here, I got it working again, want to post it if anybody else experiences such an issue:

I went to the right pane, confinguration, under “for all flows”, under “mqtt-broker” I double-clicked the field that contained “HA” and just saved it without changing anything. Now its working again.

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I’m having the same problem. In Node-Red, the top right 3 bars, I have “configuration nodes”, then “on all flows”. I don’t see “mqtt-broker”. Any other suggestions?

Which MQTT broker are you using? If it’s the Home Assistant add-on, then restart the add-on. If it’s on a separate computer, restart that computer.