Node red - Connection to Wled

Hi Everyone,

I am using HA and Node-RED combo to manage a simple on / off (with colors) light in my bathroom.
In Node-RED I am using the WLED2 node to control the WLED module.

Basic setup:
RF Remote → Specific signal RF to Sonoff RB bridge (tasmota) → Input to Node-RED → Check which button → Sent correct command using WLED2 node.

All WLED2 nodes are setup the same, yet some of them do not manage to connect (remain in “connecting” and the buttons linked to these do not work either, after some time they go in “error”) The others work as they should.

I do notice as well that sometimes I am not able to ping my WLED whilst it is connected on my router (showing up correctly), this might be related (the buttons in “connected” status still work).
Any idea on how to solve this or at least troubleshoot the same? :smiley:

Are they integrated in HA? What is there connection status there or through the wled app? This looks like it may be a wifi signal issue.

The issue seem to have fixed itself…
It seems like they are all connected as they should now.