I’m trying to setup node-red-contrib-amazon-echo but I’m not sure I understand what to do.

First I added a device, but how can I link it to a device ? I setup a random value for now (office).

Also home assistant is detecting a new Philips Hue hub (I already have an actual one) and I’m ask to press on the pairing button, which I can’t because this is a virtual hub right?

finally, Alexa is detecting no new device

I don’t think you are using that node correctly. But, I’ve never used that node.

If all you want to do is turn things on or off, then you want the Alexa Local node. It’s stupid simple to use.

If you want more control, then look at the Alexa Home node (Node-RED Alexa Home Skill Bridge)

I have switched all of my devices to the Alexa Home node. I can even create “pseudo” devices.

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You didn’t look hard:

Privacy Policy
No information held by this sevice will be shared with 3rd parties, with the exception of the oAuth tokens required to link with Amazon’s Alexa service.

Email addresses will only be used for comunication about the operaton of the service

Logs (including IP addresses) are kept for 30days then deleted to provide data for debugging problems. in rare cases this may be extended to 90 days a specfic long running issue.

Terms? It’s a free service provided by an individual user of Node Red, Profile - hardillb - Node-RED Forum.

That’s an improvement. I don’t recall seeing that 2 years ago but maybe I missed it. Nevertheless, as the adage goes “If it’s free, you’re the product.”

FWIW, the link to the person’s Node-Red forum profile is hardly some form of official credentials; it’s just a random person on the Internet.

“Hey world, use my service for free (the kind others like Nabu Casa charge a fee). Your privacy is ensured. Honest.”

To each their own.

Thanks, I installed before, actually the pallet it still here, but is not working for me, I think is something to do with new echo generation and port 80, not too sure. (actually that for Alexa home)
I can link the Alexa Skill just fine, the node is connected, but no device is found
Screenshot 2021-05-01 at 14.26.54
thank you though

Not without a device name, it won’t.


My bad, I added the devices with the wrong account… (I have two accounts) anyway the devices are listed fine now, thank you

If you are really conerned about privacy, just disconnect from the internet :slight_smile:

what do you mean by that? pseudo devices?

A device that doesn’t exist in the real world. For example, I have a light named “Inside Lights”. I can tell Alexa to turn all “inside lights off”, then an automation to turn off all inside lights when the Alexa Node returns with a payload of “TurnOffRequest”.

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