Node-red-contrib-openzwave Palette

Getting setup with Node Red has been good so far but I am lacking in the troubleshooting of errors installing a new Palette " node-red-contrib-openzwave". This is needed to control my Z-wave devices from the Aeotec Zwave stick via USB in the pi. Can someone point me in the right direction for what I am missing.

Error Code from the debug in Node Red.
1/1/2019, 7:48:30 AM
msg : string[57]
“Installation of module node-red-contrib-openzwave failed:”

Current setup is a raspberry pi 3+ with HassOS 1.13. Node Red 1.2.2 running and connected to HA with no errors when hitting the deploy button.

Open Z-Wave is necessary in order to have node red write code for HA right? If this is incorrect and i need to be using/doing something different please let me know. This error come up in both “Node Red” and “Node Red depreciated” The articles I have read and video tutorials watched don’t show anyone else having a similar setup with this TS issue.

Is there a particular reason you don’t want to use the HA Z-Wave integration?

I am open to using any palette for Z- Wave to control my devices. In the reading completed so far i did not see any docs that outlined this topic.

From the screen shot below I think I have the HA for Z-wave or am I not following.

Open ZWave is needed so Node Red knows how to code for zwave correct?


Where this is on a raspberry pi is a file from GitHub, etc needed to be manually installed to make this work?

The inject node and call service buttons have been used for a flow with debug and they are showing successfully deployed with outputs but nothing happens on zwave.

You can use Home Assistants integration to manage your zwave devices and then use the HA websocket palette to create automations in node-red using the entities. You don’t need to directly have node-red manage your zwave network.

Have a look at this thread where this is discussed:

Got it. Thank you! Other than thinking about this the wrong way I had the mistake of using the wrong domain under call service. Switching from the domain of “light” to “home assistant” corrected the issue.