Node-RED Docker Compose


Is there a docker compose file for Node-Red that someone has completed?

And where would one download the latest Node-RED plugin for Home Assistant if you didn’t install it using



Right in node red from the palette manager. Get the websocket version


Thanks, it was telling it to run as root that I was missing. Now to go back and figure out how to make both HomeAssistant and Node-Red not run as root. But at least now I have something that’s all dockerized with the config folders in Github.



Docker containers running as root isn’t all bad and if you change that (which would mean building a new image for HA), you will break things.


I’ve rebuilt the image a few times already for kicks and giggle, and actually it survived fine - I mapped the configuration directory locally.


There’s a guide here:

On how to use node-red with docker :slight_smile: