Node Red does not deploy

When I click on Deploy on node-red, nothing is happening. The button stays grey-out whatever the change is. Any idea ?

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 18.59.24

Same here.

I did a restart of Node-red and it fixed it.

Yes, this worked for me as well. Initially, I restarted Home Assistant all together, but this did not fix the problem. Restarting Node-Red instead did work.

You have probably restarted the core, which is what you do under Developer Tools - YAML.
This only restarts the HA, but not the addons, like NodeRed.
When you restarted NodeRed, then you only restarted that Addon, but that solved it.

You could also have restarted the entire host.
Setting → System → Hardware → 3 dots in upper right corner.

Thanks, this is helpful. You are right restarted the core. I did not know that it did not restart add-ons. Thanks for sharing how to restart the entire host.
Best regards