Node Red Error on Deploy

I’ve started receiving this message today after updating the nodes after what I assume was an update to Node Red. Does anyone know what this is all about and how to rectify it. I thought base URL was deprecated some time back/

12/23/2021, 12:17:47 PM[node: Home Assistant]
“Home Assistant base URL needs to be set”



Surely more people have seen this error by now? Any ideas?

You probably have an extra HA server config in NR.

Hi Paul,

got the same message after updating node-red today.
In the setting ‘Edit server mode’ I had to check the “Use The Home Assistant Add-On” option.
Now it works great again.

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There were a number of HA servers there. Even when I did delete the others,. I still needed to uncheck “I Use The Home Assistant Add-On” and then check it again to stop the error from appearing.

Thanks all who assisted with suggestions.

Where exactly did you find this?
(In the Add-In in HA or somewhere in the settings in NR itself?)

Can you maybe please send a screenshot?

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I believe it was in NR itself, but that was too long back to remember now :slight_smile:

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