Node red flow, enable motion detectors when the sunsets and turn on the light

Dear Home Assistant users,

I’m a newbee using this platform and that also includes using Node Red as a flow tool.
My old platform was Domoticz including the Blockly scripts (easy: If, then, else, endif statements/like a puzzle).

At the time of writing I’m trying to use Red Node to:

  1. Enable the motion detector after the sunset and turn the light on for 1 minute (when motion is detected).
  2. Disable the motion detector when the sun rises again (otherwise it doesnt make much sense → lights on when the sun shines :wink: ).

This was quite easy in Domoticz, but I’m strugling to get this working in Node Red.
Is there a (simple/not too complex) template available as an example (nothing more or less)?

Thank you in advance for an answer :slight_smile:

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This channel is for Exchanging Home Assistant Blueprints.
Not really for Node Red.
Perhaps you would be better served here:

or here on a node red discord channel:

Hi Sir_Goodenough,

Thank you for you answer. I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

Best regards,