Node red goes 502 after home assistant update

Good morning everybody,
I’ve stumbled upon this strange behavior of node red reporting error 502 when deploying even simple flows.

Didn’t changed anything in the configuration except updating to home assistant 2022.2

Here the link of the same topic (maybe better explained) in the Node red forum.

Anyone had the same problem here?
Anybody has already fixed it?
Thanks a lot!

Yes, I’m having same issues. Still didn’t find a solution. Tried restarting whatnot, nothing fixes it.

I am having the same issue. Had to restore my backup to get it working again.

Yes, I am having the same issue. Restored both the last version of Node-RED (11.0.1) and homeassistant (core.2022.2.5) but it did not work. Node-RED is now code blue to me (502 Bad Gateway nginx).

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