Node-Red GPIO on HA

I’m developing nodes for Node-Red for use on the Raspberry Pi.
Some HA users have reported to me that these nodes do not work in HA.
Unfortunately I have no experience in HA.
But I installed HA and investigated why:
HA is based on Alpine Linux.
The GPIO nodes use the system files
These are opened with read and write access.
Access is denied in HA Node-Red.
Think that the access rights in HA do not allow access.
In addition, the user gpio is also entered in the group as read/write access in these files in the official Rasberry Pi OS.

How to solve it in HA?

Thank you

These are some nodes:

I’m pretty sure they removed access to gpio in HA

I think the support was removed in 2022.6, but the deprecation message was made around February 2022.

A possible solution:

Ok, access to GPIO from HA is prohibited, but it should be possible from Node-Red.
I tried to communicate via the Raspberry Pi’s I2C bus.
Unfortunately without success.
My nodes cannot open the I2C port.
Maybe I didn’t initialize the I2C port correctly or the port name has a different name in HA.
I’ll try it again tomorrow.
Thank you for that information.