Node-red , Home-assistant frontend Dashboard , mqtt

i am trying my first steps in node-red, homeassistant, mqtt and esphome.
I would like to have my ESPhome devices all talk to HA via mqtt. I would like not use the esphome-ha-api so that I am more independent for a later system change.
But i’m note sure, maybe i have to use this api for the HA-Dashboard ?

My first nodes in node-red work as far as sending and receiving commands and queries from the esphome device.

Unfortunately, all the nodes I created in Node-red and their entities are not displayed in the Home Assistant device manager and the entity selection there.


  1. Can I use the Homeassistant nodes under node-red so that they can also be used later in the Ha dashboard?
  2. can i also use the node-red dashboard nodes so that they can be used in HA-Dashboard?

I have attached some pictures so you can see what I have already created and what is visible.

I also installed Node-red Companion. The entry there was a HA switch that I tested. i delet this entitie now already, Because i not used.

I suspect that this is why it is displayed because I connected it directly to the HA server.

3)How can I manage that if I let my communication run via mqtt, that the nodes such as switches, sliders, etc. are still available in the HA dashboard?