Node-Red http call with authentification


I am trying to figure out how to authenticate with a http call.

Background: I got a Doorbird doorbell with a keypad and RFID tags. In the Doorbird app, I can assign http calls to certain actions (e.g. a pin code). I want to achieve in Node-Red is to open the Garage door, when a http call has been triggered by the Doorbird doorbell.

The main problem that I cant solve is the authentification. When I manually trigger a http call in the browser, a window pops up and I need to enter my Home Assistant user credentials. Once I’ve done his, it is no problem to send messages to the http-in or http-request nodes. But I can’t figure out how to send the Home Assistant credentials in a http call.

http://user:[email protected]:1880/doorbird won’t do the trick. I still have to enter the credentials in a pop-up window. This prevents me from sending http calls from the Doorbird to Node-Red.

I am stuck at this problem for 4 nights now and can’t figure it out myself. I highly appreciate any help.


Does no one else have to to input credentials when they want to use the http-in node?