Node-Red Inject Time not working for all future input_datetime helpers

Hi there!
I recently moved my Morning-Alarm Routine to Node-Red since it got to complex for me in Yaml.
It works fine so far, but I realized, that it isn’t triggering all the time. Luckily I always let it set another backup alarm on my phone.

So far it seems that if the Input_datetime is far in the future, it will see it as “in the past”.
I can’t figure out how many hours it takes for it to see it in the past.


I just tested this out. For example anything that happens in the next couple of hours it will show me “next alarm at” and if I go up an hour at the time, it will stay “in the future”. But if at 8 AM i set the next alarm for 7:30 for the next day in my input datetime (which is without a date), It will stay “in the past at: 07:30” forever and not trigger the next morning.

Where is the problem? I never had this kind of problem using the same helper in yaml.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Do you have repeat daily checked?


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Oh wow, I didn’t know about this option! Thanks a lot, this fixed it!
What are the default settings, if this isn’t repeated daily? When will it trigger?

Thank you very much!

When you use time by itself, you can only use it to set a time within the current day. Using a 24 hour clock, at 01:00 you can set the time anywhere between 01:01 and 23:59.

If it was 23:00 you would only be able to set between 23:01 to 23:59.

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