Node Red Install on 0.102.3

Node-Red install and functions (mostly) so long as I do not use entities. Simple [inject timestamp] to [ Home Assistant / light / light_toggle / light.the_weather_lamp ] fails with “Call-Service attempted without connection to server”.

Hass is not configured for SSL. “I use” is checked as is “delay connection attempts” and “Cache Autocomplete Results.”

The lamp toggle works fine using Hass Automations.

Any instructions for install and config are appreciated.

You’re using hassio or are you running home assistant in another fashion? Venv/docker

Hassio image with Configurator, deCONZ, Dark Sky Sensor and Node-Red as the only add-ons.


When did the install, the home assistant nodes were on the palette.Just checked and entities do not appear in an"Entity Id" drop-down fir the “call service” node.