Node-Red installation (local voice assistant)

I have HA core running on Qnap NAS container station(Docker) ver2024.2.2. Trying to setup XiaoMi smart speaker as local voice assistant. Seached the web, it seems I need Node-Red flow control. On HACS I find Node-Red companion, Not sure what it is. installed and find nothing can be done. Should I using Node-Red online (Start using Node-RED online for free • FlowFuse) or install it as another decker on NAS. And then start from there. Still new baby of HA and no knowledge of Node-red. Willing to learn

Did you install the HA web socket nodes?. Once that is done drag a blue HA node to the workspace. In the node you will find a server field. This is where you will add the HA address and set up token access, then deploy.

The companion in HACS lets you create sensors inside HA. This is optional depending on your needs.