Node-RED Insteon/ISY integration broken/incomplete?

Node-RED partially works with ISY. “Fast-on” command works. But I can’t get light dimmer switches to dim.

I can get the below examples to work fine with a card in lovelace.

Node-RED requires I put all commands into a JSON format (which adds complexity vs. yaml) so you sometimes have to guess the format based on the node-RED prompt.
This works:

This doesn’t (though command is accepted with no errors):

I’ve followed the format node-red suggests (“value” format) and command is accepted but it fails.

This works below-- but surely this isn’t the right way? Instead of calling a service, I used a standard ISY command “DON”.
But this makes node-RED very primitive, having to enter low level JSON commands into the data string.
Why can’t node-red truly incorporate ISY commands into its drop-down menus and make it more point-and-click?
Isn’t that the aim of node-red, to simplify command and control of your home?