Node-RED iOS notify to iPhone 11: "Call-service API error. Error Message: 'rateLimits'"

UPDATE: It went away magically.

I have an iPhone X and my partner recently upgraded to the new iPhone 11. iOS notifications were working previously to both phones before. Now, calling notify.ios_xxxx_iphone returns “Call-service API error. Error Message: ‘rateLimits’”. I am using Node-RED to call the home assistant service. Has someone run into this before and solved it?

To be sure, notifications are allowed on my partner’s phone for the Home Assistant app, and the phone is logged into home assistant as well using the home assistant 1.51 application.

I’ve seen errors like this on some (not all) notifications after update to the beta 0.100.0b0.
Not sure i it’s related to the beta, or something in the apple notification service.

I also had this ‚ratelimits‘ problem yesterday. It is not related to Node Red as you get the same error when doing a service call from HA. It suddenly disappeared on my system. Have no clue why. And it‘s also not related to the iPhone 11. i did get the error yesterday on an iPhone XR as well as my old iPad.

This looks promising, though not necessarily related. Could it be a bug where the “rateLimits” key does not reliably appear in the dictionary?

I’ve not seen the error today and all notifications came in.
Maybe just a hiccup yesterday?
Do you already have this issue?

It went away magically. I suppose I can join the club now!