Node-Red, is it between two times?

I need to add a mid flow node to check for between two times… Something like is it between 4PM and midnight (boolean). Not sure which node to use

Time range node?

As an alternative, you could consider node-red-contrib-simple-gate with inject nodes acting as controls to open and close the gate at the right time. I like this approach because I use the gate node for a lot of different reasons, and it shows the open/closed state in the status area.

How can i install that int my homeassistant OS???

You could either use a time-switch node or a schedex node (installable via the palette)

You add extra nodes under the palette (hamburger menu > Manage Palette > Install". Type in the name of the node(s) you’re looking for and then click Install.

Thanks a lot, i didnt know where that was