Node Red Latitude/Longitude?

I’m trying to use BigTimer to automate some lights based on sunset/sunrise, and the times are all wrong. How does NodeRed and/or BigTimer get location data to properly define sunset/sunrise?

For context, I’m running NodeRed as a docker container on my Unraid Server. Home Assistant is running as a VM on my Unraid Server. NodeRed is correctly connected to the Home Assistant Server (as far as I can tell), since my automations based on my presence and just time of day work fine.


Not too sure because I don’t use it yet. But now that you mention it looks interesting. The docs say imply long/lay are set in the panel itself:

-geo_override - Example “geo_override” (no quotes) clears the longitude and latitude override and reverts back to those you set manually in BigTimer panel, whereas “geo_override 37.7 -2.53” sets a location in southern Spain - values from Google maps.