Node Red Long UI delay configuring node. Too many entities?

I just started using node red installed as an add-on in HASS. However, I’m running into very slow UI when configuring some nodes. Specifically for the trigger: state node, when I double click it takes over 5 seconds for the configuration UI to show up. Configuring a call service node is mostly instant. All the other UI is snappy (dragging and dropping nodes, deploying, creating flows, etc.). Also when deployed the flow runs quickly. My computer CPU never goes above 22%, so doesn’t seem to be a hardware limit.

My guess is this might have to do with it loading a lot of entities. I have 1880 entities in my HA. Anybody run into a similar problem and if so anyway to speed it up?

It has been that way for a few months. The nodes that present entities as a drop-down list cause a delay building the list every time. This has been raised on github, but went stale. I have learnt to live with it.