Node Red or Hassio restart triggers flows. How to disable?

I have a few flows that send notifications for my door locks if they locked or unlocked. Also if my garage heater is turned on or off. When ever I do a restart of Node Red of Hassio these flows get triggered. I have just noticed this lately since installing the Node Red to HA integration.

Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Here is my one of my door lock nodes:

As far as i am aware, this only happens when you have “output on connect” ticked.
Maybe something else is triggering it? Can you show your complete problematic flow?

The one circled is the one firing. Yes usually if the “Output on Connect” is check you would see that. But I don’t.

This flow also:

Maybe you can try a deduplicate or RBE node after the state. This could stop the message if the values are the same.

The RBE node worked. thank you

This thread was helpful to me as it helped me discover the RBE node. I always assumed the “output on connect” and “output only on state change” boxes worked absolutely as described, but for a while I’ve always had a few nodes flowing upon HA restart, even though their entities hadn’t changed state. Back then I noticed some state change nodes showed something other than “connected” after reboot. All of these had output on connect unchecked, and output on state change checked. There was no rhyme or reason to it… some identical devices behaved this way and others did not (I thought maybe it was an initial unknown state causing issues).

So after reading this thread, I tried adding some rbe nodes after some of the offending state change nodes, and after reboot all a sudden it’s all good! Not just the nodes I added the rbe’s to, but other state change nodes that were behaving badly now actually seem to be adhering to my checkbox rules. So not sure if there’s a bug in the way those checkboxes are implemented in the node-red add-on, but perhaps just adding an rbe somewhere in your flows will ‘magically fix’ any state change nodes that were previously ignoring ‘output on connect’ and ‘output only on state change’ rules.

Has anyone else seen this behavior, or have any comments to enlighten us all as to how/why it is working this way?