Node Red started crashing, now fails to start

About a week ago, Node Red crashed on me, and would not restart. I had not changed anything - no automation changes, no updates, no new add ons or integrations - worked the night before, stopped working the next morning.

After that, I updated NR and HA to the latest, same behavior. Rolled back to a previous fully functioning restore, no dice. Opened an issue on github and it was closed on me. Details on github here.

Developer told me this, but I don’t understand. Could someone maybe help an idiot fix this? Tired of walking around in the dark at night, lol.

Alpine Linux updated their musl packages. The installed musl packages in the add-on doesn’t match the musl-dev package you are installing. You need to ensure you install the matching musl package too.

This only happens when you are manually installing additional packages (customizations). If you don’t know how packages and Linux works, please avoid using those things.

This is not an add-on breakage but a breaking of your own customizations.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

Hi Sean,

I have the same symptoms, but because I run HAOS I suspect a very different cause.

Wow, it’s working for me now ! For days the HA Node-RED add-on’s Info page kept saying that node-RED had not started; and selecting the web UI or sidebar link advised that node-red needed to be started.
Yesterday I noticed that my automations were actually happening, and yes node-RED add-on was still advising it was not running … but curiously the Log tab showed events have been processed during the day. What the ???

Last night I pulled the power from my HA RasPi (as opposed to just choosing HA’s restart option); and today it’s all running sweet again. I guess that node-RED had continued running in its separate container/virtual machine; and at some point with all my HA restarts, the connection between HA’s VM and node-RED’s VM got scrambled. Power cycle started all the VMs together.

Thanks Don! I noticed the same thing after the last HA update, automations were firing but add on claimed to be stopped. Just power cycled my pi and we’re back in business!

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