Node Red stopped working, sensors(zigbee) wont trigger lights/switches(tasmota)

Ive had node-red working for about 4-5 years now. Never had many issues I couldnt resolve. Im now hitting an issue I just cant figure out.

My zigbee sensors no longer seem to trigger tasmota switches and lights.
In node red, it is seeing the states of the sensors, as well as the lights/switches states being on/off. I can inject the light on/off state with a test node and it works fine. There are no errors messages in node-red. I can use mqtt explorer and see the payloads being sent. I can create the exact same automation in HA’s standard automation and it works fine. Its like everything is working, just something isnt being sent or received somewhere.

Node-red knows senors states, knows switch/light states, seems all messages are being sent.

Any ideas what could possibly be going on?

Ensure all of your palettes are up to date?

Great thought! Unfortunately, they are all up to date. Im lost…