Node Red Time/Timer Automations Incorrect

Ever since I updated my node-red container to node v10, and updated my palettes, all my time based automations in Node-Red are off by 2 hours.

I have - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro bind mounted in both HA and NR containers, both containers see the correct timezone, and date/time.

I typically use Schedex nodes for time triggered things, but it doesn’t matter what time based nodes I use, they are all off by 2 hours.

For instance, I use a time-range-switch node for a few automation flows, that say “if time is within this range, do this”…they are off by 2 hours.

Bigtimer, schedex, time-range-switch, all act like they are 2 hours behind (all are set to my lat/lon in the config also)

I am completely baffled by this behavior as the server, and all the containers all have the correct time/date.

@Kermit do you have any ideas?

Use TZ in the environment settings

Thanks. I put that in shortly after creating the thread, and had to wait a few hours to test it out when I got home from work. It appears to be the fix. It’s really weird though since I’ve been using my setup for 2 years without any issues. The time has always been wrong under the node, but it always fired at the right times.