Node-RED, trigger sequence on HA Start

Hi folks,

I was hoping to find this in the forums, but no luck so far. I am trying to trigger a sequence in Node-RED when HA starts. In yaml, I used to trigger based on the HA start event, but a few versions ago, that was deprecated (I think), and I moved to the ‘homeassistant’ platform for the trigger:

    - platform: homeassistant
      event: start

Anyone know how to best replicate this in Node-RED? I’ve got all my other automations moved over to Node-RED (and I love it!), and these are the last ones hanging on.



Keep that automation, but have it trigger an execution of a shell command:

ha_running: 'curl http://localhost:1880/hass/running'

(Ensure the /hass/running matches the below):

In Node Red use a http in node like this:


So basically, when HASS starts it immediately calls that node in Node Red, which can then flow into whatever actions you want. Mine is a Slack alert:

Thanks Greg! This looks like a pretty elegant solution. I’ll give it a shot this weekend.

I’m trying to setup something just like this myself but I’ve never done anything with a shell command before. Read the docs and tried to create my own but it doesn’t work. What should my automation and/or shell command look like to create this?

Hi @Greg, could you please elaborate a bit on how to set up the execution of a shell command? I am a bit unsure where the ha_running line you posted is meant to go.

Have a look at for how to define a shell command.

On there it gives an example:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
# Exposes service shell_command.restart_pow
  restart_pow: touch ~/.pow/restart.txt

So substitute that for what I wrote:

   ha_running: 'curl http://url:port/hass/running'

You can call it anything you like, ha_running was just what made sense to me at the time.

Hi there,

I assume you are using the HA-websocket node. This node can handle all the HA events including Start-Up and Shutdown, as well other useful ones like “new-device” or “new-service”

Alternatively you can use “webhook” commands between NR and other systems like HA or motionEye.

There is no need for any shell or curl command.

Thanks for the clarfification @Greg! The url http://url:port/hass/running is that something that is usually called during startup? Because it gives me a 404 (unless I am also supposed to change that url to something else)

@xx_Nexus_xx yes, I am using node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket which doesnt seem to have a HA-websocket node. Perhaps I can install an additional palette?

Try create a yaml automation that triggers on homeassistant.start event put the action to delay 10-20 seconds then send a custom event. That event should appear and can be easily filtered with the event node.

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@xx_Nexus_xx do you know what the actual event_type, topic & payload values are? I have tried sticking a debug node on the all events node, but on a HA restart, it autofreshes my NR (I have it running in so I can’t grab it.

Any new ideas?

Similar to subzero’s solution above, I have a yaml automation that is triggered on HA start. After a 15 second delay, it turns on an input_boolean. An event state node triggers the flow when the boolean changes.

Another possible solution for those using node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket: