Node Red Trigger State Condition Setting

Trying to create trigger that will fire an Alexa announcement based on the current temperature of sensor exceed this threshold set by another. If I change the Condition from the Entity of heatermeter.probe1_lo to String > 75, it works fine. I’m sure it’s all in how I am entering the information and would appreciate any help someone might give so that my formatting is correct.

The “entity.” option you are using doesn’t do what you’re trying to do. You use that to access fields of the current state of the entity in a comparison, not to access another entity.

It’s a bit confusing I know but to do what you’re trying to do you have to flip around the condition. Change the first dropdown to “Entity ID”, this is what allows you to pick another entity to use in your comparison. Then you will be able to type in the box next to it and can enter “heatermeter.probe1_lo” there so you are using that in your comparison.

Then you have to change the > comparator to <= (since your flipping around the comparison). in the last box leave the entity. and just put state in the box since you want to compare agains the current state of heatermeter.probe0_temperature.

So in the end your full written out comparison will essentially be

state of heatermeter.probe1_lo <= state of heatermeter.probe0_temperature