Node red update breaking home assistant entities - not remembering states

I’m currently running Node red v14.2.2 - Everything is working fine. I use a lot of home entities (buttons, switches, sensors etc.) (for use on my dashboard)

I tried updating to V14.3 which is now the latest version but I found when my home assistant reboots, all the buttons default to “on” status. So essentially everything breaks on reboot! I set everything up again and then reboot and all the buttons default to on again. Not sure whats going on!! as i can’t see any breaking changes in the update that would cause this.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Add a home assistant entity (button) using v14.2.2
  • Add the button to a dashboard
  • Set the button to off
  • update to v14.3
  • Reboot home assistant

The button will now be on,

  • turn the button off (on the dashboard) and reboot home assistant

The button will be on again after reboot.

It seems like for some reason it isn’t remembering the state anymore after the update.

Any help appreciated!!!

Buttons don’t have ‘on’

They have a single state which includes a datetime object representing the last time the button was pressed… so what are you seeing?

where is that state shown?

Developer tools…

Ok this is before:

let just update and see what it says

That’s not a button - that’s a switch. (the part before the dot - domain - and defines capabilities.)

What kind of switch is it - what integration provides it?

Yes sorry its the switches that are causing me problems. (I meant buttons in the sense when i create them on the dashboard there essentially buttons i click to enable or disable the switch). So after update

Before the reboot the state was of:

after reboot its just turned itself on

I added this switch in node red using this section:

This was fixed in v0.51.1

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Have you updated your palettes?

I did all the updates so no updates were left.

Is there something I need to do to get that fix?

Just run the latest update thats come through and it looks like this issue has now been fixed. Thanks @Kermit