Node Red Update to 10.1.1 is messing up my functions

Hello all!

I’ve been using node-red in conjunction with homeassistant for about half a year now and haven’t had any problems so far.
Now it is so that I have the update from 10.0.1 to 10.1.1 no more functionality in the function nodes.

There is no error displayed in the flows and also in the log is nothing to recognize, but the functions are simply without function.

Specifically, I have counters for coffee consumption or a flow with variables for individual music output on previously selected devices. For the latter, the variable in flow. is not saved. If I enter it, e.g. flow.device, device is deleted again.

I have now applied a backup to 10.0.1 and everything works again.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

HASS runs with me in the current version on an old Ubuntu 14th (unfortunately not changeable, due to other constellations). Am I missing something?

Thanks for any food for thought.