Node Red - Using a Home Assistant Helper to set the time of event

I am new to Node Red. It seems powerful but is also quite tricky to get my head around.

I have a number of automatons that will run.

Example , wake up, Beginning of Evening, End of Day and so on

I Want the time of these events to use a Home Assistant Helper so that ( a ) I or anyone else can edit it via the UI (b) to allow for the wake up to be used as in effect an arm clock - so if we don’t want to be up as it is a holiday I can move the time to say 10am easily.

Doing this with a hard coded time seems fine.

I have googled and also read some forum posts but that did not seem to get me very far.

So all I want to do is for the trigger time to be set by helper time_end_of_day as opposed to hard coded.

If someone could please point me in the correct direction I would appreciate it

I did think the event state where the helper = the current time might work - but given my level of knowledge I don’t know how to express the current time in the If State field