Node Red wont start

I just installed Node-RED on my home assistant and i cant even get into the web ui. under addons it says its running but as soon as i click open web ui i get a notification that it isnt running and brings me back and i have to hit start again. What am i missing or doing wrong? i did set up a credential_secret* like it says in the documentation but that didnt change anything. i have restarted home assistant several times trying to see if anything would help and so far nothing. Thanks in advance for any help!!!

Ok aparently i had bumped ssl on and that was causing a problem. Fixed that and the app starts and stays running but when i open web ui its just a blank screen. go back to add ons and its still running but im not getting anything on the web ui. last thing in the logs say connection to http://supervisor/core and nothing after that. Hopefully this helps.

Don’t have a fix, but experiencing similar problems.

By disabling/enabling SSL I can get it to run few hours, but then it just stops working along with all automations in it, driving me nuts. Sometimes the web UI loads really slow … like takes a minute to open.

Same thing with the logs for me.

Same problem here.
I have HA running in a virtual machine under a QNAP NAS.
I cannot open NodeRed, everytime I try to open it, I receive the message that “Add-in is not running” (even if start at boot and Watchdog options are enabled)
I click on re-start, and when it is running, when I click in the “Open UI” I see the message “502: Bad Gateway”

Any hint?
Thanks in advance

I had the same thing … node-RED add-on showing that it had not started.

Then I realised that my automations (all in node-RED) were still actually happening, and that the log was showing activity … but the Info page and sidebar button insisted that it was not running. WTH ???

last night I pulled the plug on the machine to do a power cycle, and that fixed it !!! i guess that node-RED was still running in its own Docker container, but the HA node-RED add-on had got disconnected with all the restarts I had done.

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Thanks @donburch888

This helped me a lot. I did a full restore on a new machine and everything went mental. like your case realised all the automation flows are operational but all add-ons reported down/non-operational. was really desperate and running out of options till saw your solution. :pray: :pray: :pray: