Node routing through a battery-powered device?

I’ve started to notice major slowdowns in my Z-Wave network over the last couple of days. I have 37 devices (only 3 are battery-powered). For some reason, some of my devices are routing through a Schlage lock instead of the mains-powered switch right next to it.

Could this be slowing my network down?

Is there a way to mark a device (battery-powered) so it doesn’t route through them?

I am not sure why it would be routing via a battery operated device. This, in theory, is not supported by the standard.
It would indicate the Schlage lock is not operating in FLiRS (Frequently Listening Receiver Slave) mode and is possibly not obeying the standard.
100% this would affect your network negatively as when the lock goes to sleep it will affect the routing on the network.

Are you sure this Schlage lock is actually working as a router? If so, check the instructions on how to change it to FLiRS mode.