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Hi All,

I currently run a Hassbian build and would like to migrate to

I have a few scripts that I currently run using NodeJS to control my garage door and alarm system. Is there a way to run these Node scripts in

Any help would be appreciated.


I managed to create a local addon with NodeJS.

Can you share what you did? I’m very interested in being able to integrate NodeJS code with

I basically created a HASS addon that installs NodeJS in a docker container.

Inside the container, I’m running an Express API that I connect from HASS to retrieve some sensor data.

This is what my Dockerfile looks like:



RUN apk add --no-cache nodejs-current yarn && \
yarn global add npm && \
yarn cache clean && \
apk del yarn && \
npm set unsafe-perm true && \
npm install install express request

# Expose tcp/8081

# Copy data for add-on
# Bundle app source
COPY . /
RUN chmod a+x / 

CMD [ "/" ]

How’s your config and looks like?


Are you please able to elaborate on this for the newer peeps like myself? I’ve just moved to and discovered I need node back for my kodi voice control. :slight_smile:

Here is a working addon i wrote in NodeJS for home assistant

you can take the dockerfile from there

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Have a look at for a Home Assistant -> Ring bridge built as an addon in NodeJS.

Hey guys, any update on this?

I’m using exact the same Dockerfile and as you, but I always get the error:
The command '/bin/bash -o pipefail -c cd / && npm install --unsafe-perm' returned a non-zero code: 1
Is your code outdated or did I miss something?

Here’s another NodeJS addon starter project. Works for me. hassio-addons/hassio-addon-nodejs-starter at master · kdw2060/hassio-addons · GitHub