Nodemcu finds no network

I have a nodemcu that doesn’t find my network, however, it finds the neighbors’ networks. What could it be, what should I do? My network has the SSID with letters, numbers and a space…
Thanks in advance!

Is your SSID 5GHz only?

No, I have 2.4ghz too!

Try turning the 5GHz off for a test!

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Actually the space might be the problem.

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I’m going to change the SSID for testing, the problem is that I have sonoffs in my house and I would have to reconfigure them all again and that will take some work…

I remembered that I did a test putting another router with the SSID with no space and only lowercase letters and the problem still persisted. But anyway I will change the SSID for testing purposes.

Sorry for my terrible English :sweat_smile: