NodeMCU + SHTC3 : getting different

I am relatively new in the ESPHome world. I just bought a few nodeMCU and SHTC3 sensors, so I can put them in each room and monitor humidity and temperature, as I am suspecting my house to have a high level of humidity.

Here is my problem: While the temperature of the 4 sensors are relatively equal, the % of RH is really different form 1 sensor to another. Right now I have them physically side by side, in the same room, so I can compare them. I also created a simple dashboard so it’s easier to compare them.

If I get a lecture from my broad link device, I have something like 60%. (In the same room, just beside the other sensors)

Here is a screenshot. For the one called “parents humidité” which is clearly offset, I even changed the SHTC3 sensor to see if it was faulty, and I get the same buggy result.

What do you think? Should I get better sensors than these?

Yep - annoying isn’t it. You can calibrate these using the “jar of salt” method. None of mine agreed even located in the same spot until I did this - and they still aren’t perfect across the whole range.

Google “calibrate relative humidity sensors”.

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OK thanks, I was not aware it was a common thing to calibrate humidity sensors!

I will read more about that and let you know.