Nodemcu to control a garage remote switch


I am in need of some help. I have a nodemcu (esp-12f), a breadboard, wires, resistors, leds and all the necessary parts to control my slide gate remote button. I know where to soldier the 2 wires on the remote itself. I need help on how to connect this thing up. I cant seem to find information on which port to use on my nodemcu and how to start programming it with esp home.

Any help is very much appreciated, thank you.

My favourite ESP firmware is ESPHome. I have connected a simple relay to my ESP and the relay is connected to the garage door remote. In ESPHome the relay is configured as a GPIO Switch, and if you then have something like a reed sensor to detect whether or not the gate is open you can have a look the Template Cover.

Re pins to connect things to, Iā€™d recommend having a look here:

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