Nodemcu v3 as remote rf receiver/sender - how to do that

I would really build some kind of rf433 receiver/sender but all prohecrs which ive found was not working (also tried omgateway)

If someone has working Solution and could show me yaml and elaborate pin connections? I would be very happy for some working hints, as I really do not know what i am doing…

Ofc i am awarie how to flash program board, i even have 2 different kinds of radio - fs1000 and stx8882. But still dont know how to connect and config in yaml…

But Little help would be more than appreciated :slight_smile:


If you do not know what you are doing then a RF transmitter/receiver is not the right thing to start with.
RF signals are a beast to tackle in its raw form.

Better get an usb stick and use rflink or get a gateway, like Sonoff RF bridge or en broadcom rm3/4

Know what u mean @WallyR
but I really want to try. Decoding signals in software, or finding in in SDR spectrum would be possible for me.
More than finding possibilities why pinout connections doesn’t work :frowning:

This is the best bet, I think.