Nodemcuv2 can't install get "Failed to Initialize"

Trying to install a program on a nodemcuv2 using the web esphome dashboard. It recognizes the board but I get a “Failed to initialize” error when trying to install the .bin file.

I’m on windows 11 and have the drivers installed. The website says it is connected just won’t flash it.

Any suggestions?


I have the same problem!
I thought I somehow did something wrong and fried the board, so I bought a new one.
But I have the same problem, right out of the box! (nothing connected)
I installed the arduino IDE, so I could test the boards, and jep, both boards work fine!
So I’m thinking something is wrong with ESPhome ?

I have this problem 90% of the time with brand new ESP’s.
I use the esphome flasher the very first time on a new chip, then never have that issue again


Cool! That worked for me :smiley:

Thanks. That worked great for me also.

thanks it worked

It works magically for me too. Thanks.

same here ! thx !!

I’m here to say thanks and I love you :)))

Stupid question probably - but where to download the esp firmware? :blush:

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