Nodered 7.2.3 Switch Node not evaluating attribute?

Nodered 7.2.3 Switch Node not evaluating attribute?

A flow in nodered has stopped working. The flow is supposed to dim the light to 60% if the kitchen light comes on straight to full brightness (255).

As you can see from the debug window, the switch output #2 shows the attribute is 255. However as you can see below it should be on output #1:


This just stopped working after I updated nodered to the latest. I tried changed the data type from text to numeric where it evaluates the 255, but that didn’t fix it. Any ideas?

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Thanks for linking a thread that has the solution. For anyone else using the nodered add-on in hassio and like me, wasn’t sure of the solution even after reading the other thread, put the following in the nodered add-on’s configuration and restart the add-on:

  - node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket@latest