NodeRed Announce on Google Home when my wife and myself arrive home

Hi guys,

I am hoping you all can help on how I can have my Google Home announce when myself or my wife arrive home only between 8am to 8pm. I am hoping also if it’s possible to have NodeRed to send a notification to our phone when we have arrived or left our house and turn on lets say the living light on only it’s passed sunset as soon as we get home.

What are using for presence and locaton detection ?

Thats the key this - once you have that done accurately then you can pass that information to NR and act on it from there.


Hi Craig,

I’m using Life360 for presence and location.

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OK perfect then

Have a look at the Node Red Integration with HA -specifically this

This will let you monitor for State changes on entities and send Notifications backwards and forwards - depending on where you are driving your Google TTS from you can then take the appropriate action.

(I would suggest the TTS would be better done in HA


If you wanted to skip TTS and use *.MP3 files (pre-recorded…by you, of course), you could setup NodeRED to watch for the appropriate events and fire off a media player with the local mp3 file.

I use a 30 second inject interval to get entities of the type ^person* (all persons) and store the result as a count in global.presence.peopleHere. This is our “headcount”. Then, various automations will do various things at various times of the day depending upon the current headcount. If the headcount is 1, then we might need to care who the person is…