NodeRed Conversation Agent

NOTE: This is very beta.

I’ve created a functional conversation agent for node red.
Whats this for? Well in my search for using openai or localai in home assistant, the best i found was just chat bots or nodered integrations that used telegram, etc. There is currently no way to use ai AND manipulate your home assistant devices.

This integration sends your chat to nodered, and parses the response back to the chat window.

You can then do whatever you desire in nodered as in control devices or provide generated responses. The use case is endless.

And most importantly, at least for me… you can use LocalAI.

If you are unfamiliar, go check it out. LLM running on your own hardware. Pretty cool.

Directions are here:

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Thank you so much for this.
As you mentioned, This opens up a lot of possibility.
I was looking for a way to use my locally hosted ollama as a fallback conversation agent.