NODERED password issue after update to 2020-12-7

After I updated to the atest version of 2020-12-7, I know get the following message when I have a debug node active in NODE RED. Anyone have a fix for this. I have rpi4 with docker.

12/23/2020, 8:49:02 AMnode: Home Assistantmsg : string[150]

"Home assistant connection failed with error: Connection to home assistant could not be established with config: "

Ok, after working on this for several days, I have finally got NODE RED back working.
I basically deleted the node red docker container and reinstalled it. This allowed me to install the home assistant websocket node< I then created a long lived token in HA and using one of the new home assistant nodes in node red, I inserted the token and deployed it. No more hassles about the password!
I also have the latest node red version now. I believe if I could have been successful at deleting the version of the home assistant node that I was running, and then install the websocket version, this would have been a lot simpler. If anyone knows how to delete a node add-on in node red, please share. I sure have been opening a lot of cans of worms here lately.