NodeRED; the Recorder and Event Logging

I’m trying to get a better handle on why things are happening in my home automation setup. Most of my automations are in NodeRED and currently those API calls from NodeRED to HA don’t get marked as such in the recorder.

Events caused by native automations get logged like this:

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Day turned off by Day Phase Override Morning
9:52:36 - 10 seconds ago

While events caused by NodeRED are logged like this:

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Bedroom Lamp 1 turned on
9:52:38 - 53 seconds ago

With no details on why the change happened.

Is there some way I can add details of the NodeRED node / flow, or even a manual label, that trigged the change to state?

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I’m interested to know if there is any solution for this. In my log file I know the light was turned on by NodeRED flow but I have no idea which flow or which event/conditions to adjust it.