NodeRed unwanted restart

i use HA OS in ova VM. work fine. with nodeRed, marvelous ! i love it !!!
i just discover this : i use (to debug) a “NodeRed Start” message when nodeRed is starting. it’s OK.
BUT : i receive sometime 10 times a day a start message. totaly invisible if you do not send message at startup. sometime nothing during 5 days …
I cannot discover why, and i was wondering if someone else has same problem.
Remember : to know, you have to measure/display/warn any NoeRed Start !!! otherwise you don’t know if nodered restart 10 times a day or not !!!
i’m afraid it is the case for lot of people, but ignored cause invisible…
What can i do ??? Log does not show anything special…

I have the same setup. HAOS in a VM. NodeRed installed via HA.
I also have a restart monitor.
I dont have that issue.

One question i have is this:
What exactly do you monitor?
Could it be that you check the connection of NodeRed to HA?
Then this message would also occur when you restart HA only.

here is the monitor used :

Screenshot from 2022-09-20 08-52-36

then it fire every time NR (re)start. whatever it’s HA starting making NR start, NR restart from interface, or suspicious NR autorestart.

I make same at HA level for the HA start & HA stop. like this, i can evaluate who (re)start. I never had a HA self reboot. but as you can see, many NR self restart…

just FYI, here is the HA monitor message (working fine, HA do not autorestart) :