Nodes triggered, but no sign of it within flow area

I just from the notorious to the community Node-Red and I’m still working some things out, but I’m sure I’ll get it all working eventually.

In the previous version of Node-Red, when a node was triggered - like a motion was “on” and it triggered a light, you would see like a device, time triggered, etc. underneath the node within the flow area. Since upgrading, this isn’t visibile anymore.

All I see are motions just say ‘connected’. If I add a debug node to the flow, I see the payload or other appropriate message from the node’s output, so I’m not sure what’s changed and why I can’t the tigger information.

I am having issues with (Hue) motions, in that they aren’t being triggered for some odd reason, but I’m working on that and I think it’s something on my end that I need to modify since the upgrade.

Any thoughts?

Coming back to post the solution in case someone in the future benefits

Got to ‘Settings’ menu

Stay on the ‘View’ tab and then the ‘Nodes’ section

Check the box, hit ‘Close’ and you’re done.