Nomad Security cameras

Has anyone looked into using this hardware?

Not sure if the hardware is real or actually usable in HA.


Should work with the Generic Camera integration

WiFi is strongly discouraged for security cameras, due to video bandwidth and picture quality.
These appear to be generic Chinese PTZs adapted to an Edison base light socket.
I would recommend against purchasing these.

I would think that basically all cameras are going to be WiFi. Not many people have the resources and time to run Cat6 to all locations. Additionally some might be impractical to run cable to, e.g. front gate, detached garage, etc. Also, bandwidth on WiFi6 APs these days is quite capable.

Is your recommendation against purchasing these based on the WiFi connection or Chinese quality/reliability?

Both, actually. The build quality isn’t there, Nor is the history of satisfied customers. Try reading a bit more at

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