Non cloud power sockets?

I’m looking to purchase some power adapter type sockets for around the house so that can remotely power devices like a few raspberry pi etc. So no real heavy loads, however because I have unreliable internet I’d prefer non-cloud and ideally without soldering, although I don’t mind reflashing firmware if that is the best option. Anybody any recommendations…

what country are you in?

The house they will go in is in Bulgaria, so standard EU round 2 pin type with 230v flashed with your preferred firmware.

Thanks, looked at those can it be flashed without soldering?

It looks like they expose the pins so no soldering. There was a comprehensive writeup inc pictures on the link you were given.

Tasmota talks about soldering, but looking at the pictures guess it could be done without.

Look for tuya devices that work with tuya-convert if you don’t want to solder.

It does but I have 7 Sonoff flashed with Tasmota and none of them needed soldering. I made a little ‘plug’ that I plug in and apply a little sideways pressure to ensure a good connection - I just used some DuPont cables with a pin on one end…

I’ve done pow and th16 units plus a fan controller without soldering but failed miserably trying to solder and flash an RGB controller. I like the sonoff stuff so I’ll definitely give the plugs ago.

I’ll look into tuya, thanks

As Nick mentioned above, most Tuya devices can be flashed with tuya-convert. I have now flashed 8 plugs (2 different brands / types) with this utility and it was very easy, no need to open the device at all, it’s purely and over-the-air flash.

I’ve bought some Houzetek AWP07L, paid less than 10€ each, and then used tuya-convert to install Tasmota with success.
I used this to configure it.

Just been looking a the blitzwolf stuff they do a nice compact one that’s listed as compatible.

Options that work with stock firmware include TP Link HS 110 (or similar) and the IKEA Trådfri plug (needs a hub).

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I use TP Link HS 110, they need the app once to connect to Wifi, then you may safely remove the app again. Native integration with Home Assistant

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