Non ingress add-ons not accessible trough hostname:port after network and ssl revamp

Hi guys,

I redid my network and did a fresh pfSense router/firewall install with VLAN’s for security. So I made a IOT VLAN for the Home Assistant Host and all IOT Devices.

The host is a Celeron machine with Ubuntu server running I try to only use add-ons as much as possible but i do have some other containers running on it.

Because of the network being down I disabled http: and duckdns/lets-encrypt add-on so i could still access HA from the host-ip.

After moving the host to its own VLAN/subdomain I redid the duckdns/lets-encrypt add-on and added a second duckdns domain overwriting the old SSL files (fullchain.pem , privkey.pem).

The problem is I cant access the add-ons that open the web ui anymore… For example before when i wanted to access the unifi controller add-on I went to But now that gives a blank page with a message the website is not accessible.

When i turn off http: i can access it trough hostip:8443.

Any trouble shooting tips or ways to fix this? No errors to be found in the logs.

Cant find anything on the internet and really dont want to lose all my settings in Bitwarden and Unifi after doing a fresh install.

I set up a second machine to test the snapshot backup/restore and it misses alot of information…

Custom server running pfSense
Celeron server running Ubuntu server + docker +

VLAN 30 for all IOT devices and for testing the firewall rules are set to allow all.

If you need more information, please let me know

No one?? Would love for someone to help…

I get the following error in google chrome:


Any help?