None devices in the xiaomi cloud account

It’s start working :):slight_smile:

Not for me

But after updating the component from GitHub (was updated 4 hours ago) it starts working for me too.

Thank you guys for the fast fix!

Have You update mi auto integration?

Miot Auto, yes.

with Miot auto v0.4.17 update everything works again :+1:
Thanks the quick fix for the developer team!

And it’s down again :pensive:

I would like to raise the issue again:

"I have a problem with HA because today when I wake up all of xiaomi devices is unavailable in HA. All entities are gray.
When I look on integration with xiaomi and try recoonect with my account i have message “None devices in the xiaomi cloud account” but when I look on phone in xiaomi app all my devices are working.

Any suggest what happened and what I can do?"

sorry, I’m new here and a beginner!
best regards

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Reopening issue:

Upon investigation the Xiaomi cloud account does not show my device, although this seems to be a Xiaomi issue we may have better luck on this forum

Got the same issue “No devices found in this Xiaomi Miio cloud account.” :frowning:
I can see my devices in Mi home App, but when i try to add them to HA i got an error